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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 30, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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the series so you never miss an episode at 10:00 p.m . also, start your day each weekday morning with fox and friends first. see you back here tomorrow night. 7:00 eastern. don't miss it. good night, everybody. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight -- >> you know how a family has daddy and mommy? >> and me. >> yeah, that's right. >> that very benign super bowl commercial is turned into a racial attack. not very nice. we'll tell you about it. mr. president, we probably be better off with you cutting your presidency off right now. just quit. >> some black americans are angry with president obama but not most. we'll analyze a very controversial situation. also tonight, pro-pot ads outside the super bowl stadium say the herb is safe.
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do doctors agree? megan kelly on whether the police should be able to search your cell phone. caution, you are about to enter the no-spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us tonight. liberal dissatisfaction with president obama, that's the subject of this evening's memo. some democratic senators are criticizing mr. obama. that self-serving and not very important? what is more striking is that some very liberal folks have turned against the president. and our pal jon stewart perhaps the most revered liberal broadcaster on tv, he zeroed in on the president. >> the president looking to force policy changes on his own without congress. >> i'm intrigued.
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and increasingly willing to go against the constitution and entertain the idea of two-branch government. >> raising the minimum wage himself, an executive order. >> of course, he'll do it himself. he doesn't need anybody and executive order. just him. >> yep. president obama is apparently now in the [ bleep ] stage of his presidency. yep. he's done talking to these people. and now, he's just starting to tick things off his [ bleep ] list. >> what is instructive is lack of protection for barack obama. most of the media gentle toward the president and now changing big time. the president's most loyal base remains african-americans. according to recent fox news poll, 85% of black voters still approve of the president's job aperformance, 10% disapprove.
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among hispanics, 45% disapprove and white voters, 34% approve and 61% disapprove. even though african-americans remain faithful some activists are angry. >> he's been more hurtful to the black race than he has been helpful. you turn around and he's going to sign executive order to create the minimum wage for federal services only. what about the rest of us who don't have jobs? >> mr. president, you know, we probably be better off with you cutting your presidency off right now. just quit. >> pretty harsh. but there is no question that african-americans are suffering in this economy. black unemployment about 12%. as compared to about 6% for whites. young black men, unemployed at a rate of 22%. and the median household income
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for black americans just over $33,000 a year. it is $57,000 a year for whites. so after five years in office, president obama has not really lifted the fortunes of african-americans and the question is why not? talking points believes it's partially due to the culture. you might be tired of hearing that 72% of black babies born out of wedlock. i'm tired of hearing it. it's driving the poor economics in the black community. stability equals prosperity and in many black precincts, there's chaos in the streets, in the schools, in the homes. from the very beginning of his presidency, i have suggested that barack obama take on the cultural aspect of poverty for all races. so far, he has not. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, another point of view, james carville. where am i going wrong here, james? >> first of all, you're right when you say it's most reliable block is president clinton's reliable supporters, too. american africans are first,
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jews, educated white women with the third. look, you know, he got 93% of the african-american vote. that's a lot of people. you find some people to be dissatisfied but by and large very supportive. on the economic thing, we have gone through a terrible economic crisis. i talked about my book in 1996. but, you know, high school graduation is up. crime is down in this country, even in spite of the fact it's a tough recession. teenage pregnancy rates have flattened out. we are making some progress but i'm like you. i'd like to see us make more. >> i don't think that's going to happen until the federal government stops with the we need more money mantra and starts with we need a better culture mantra and also black unemployment right now is tied in to high school graduation. 17% of blacks, 25 years and older, do not have a high school
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diploma compared to 11.5% for whites. if you i don't take that data, the 22% unemployment rating on -- among black males is tied into that. if you drop out of school, you will be poor. and that's the message that really i haven't heard it very much. i haven't heard it hardly at all. >> fact is black graduation rates have improved somewhat and any number of things we can do. first of all, pre-k funding which has a lot of steam. it's conclusive to be helpful in the long term. >> that's controversial. >> you know what? >> there was a recent study saying after fourth grade, all the pre-k gains were lost. >> but further out in life, that they are pretty good and help -- >> eh. >> $10 an hour minimum wage helps considerably. the difference before the recession and president obama ran for president, there's a wide gap and there is not --
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>> the gap has always been there in my opinion because of the culture. not the federal government. the president believes that spending more money and the democratic party does, as well, is going to solve the problem. and i'm saying it isn't. i'm flat-out saying it isn't. here's one thing to solve part of the problem. this data is conclusive on this in washington, d.c. school vouchers, giving poor families the right and the aid to choose their school so if it's a rundown, violence-filled public school, they can walk over and go to a much, much better private school. with the help, with the voucher help. yet you and the democrats and the president say, no, no, no, no, no. that's to me devastating. >> that's substantially more research supporting pre-k -- >> okay. give them the pre-k. what about the vouchers? >> we have charter schools. i think the research is mixed.
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people -- very controversial. we'll agree with that. but what we can do and i agree with you is that my advice to anybody, to any young person to get married, get married, get in school and stay in school. >> stay in a good school. all right? a good school. >> high school graduation rates are improving. some of the stuff isn't proven, you have to give credit here -- >> i'm not going to give credit because the plight of african-americans under the first black president has deteriorated on almost every economic level. i'm not giving him any credit. >> middle of a economic crisis. >> you can blame that. five years for any president is enough to make a difference and this graph is continuing to go down economically. all right, carville. always a pleasure to debate with you. next on the rundown, a benign super bowl provoking nasty tweets about race. a billboard of marijuana
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week in review tonight. something good turned into something bad. a super bowl advertisement for cheerios features a nice family scene. >> hey, gracie? you know how our family has daddy and mommy? >> and me. >> yeah, that's right. pretty soon you're going to have a baby brother. >> and a puppy. >> deal. >> well, after seeing that ad,
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here's what msnbc's official twitter account put out there. quote, maybe the right wing will hate it but everyone else will go, aww. the adorable new cheerios ad with the biracial family. unquote. for a cable news network to sanction something like that simply deplorable. and now, of course, msnbc has apologized saying, quote, earlier this account tweeted an offensive line about the cheerios ad. we deeply regret it. it does not reflect the position of msnbc. it happens almost every week at this place. they're constantly apologizing. joining us no is laura ingharam. they fired the person that tweeted that. >> yeah. >> the culture over there, we finished talking about the culture keeping
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african-americans in some areas poor. in the culture over there is, let's hate conservatives. that's what it is. >> yeah. i think it's a one upsmanship going on over at msnbc. every week it seems like we're talking about another controversy over there. someone said something boneheaded, hateful, vile. remember the romney christmas card and something doesn't belong there? i think that was on one of the cables. i think msnbc. >> it is msnbc. it is the black child that had been adopted bety romney family. >> right. >> in the picture and then made fun. but look. you have been a victim of it. we won't go over that. >> no. >> everybody knows comcast that owns nbc knows this is one after the next after the next after the next. >> yeah. bill, we pointed out before that the comcast ceo raised a lot of money for president obama --
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>> but he can't -- that's roberts, right? >> yeah. if you don't like it, bill, if you don't like it why does it continue? this would never happen, okay? this would never happen at fox. it's not a culture where, you know, you disagree, have disagreements and doesn't rise to this level. i will tell you what i think is going on is the more desperate the left becomes, more obvious that liberalism isn't working, the more visle and vicious they turn. i don't think it they can help themselves. they have to talk about how the country is turning against obamacare and obama's policies and don't like what he's doing to the country. they can't do that. they're racist. they don't like brown-skinned people. immigration opposition is all racist. this is where it all goes because they have nothing else. they're out of tricks in the bag of tricks and this is the last card. they always drop it and glad
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phil griffin apologized but something is really unhinged over there and screwed up. >> no doubt about it. >> yeah. >> you adopted three children from central america, sfrigt. >> my daughter from guatemala and two sons are from russia. we have a -- >> russia, yeah. >> we have a crazy mix at our house but it's fun. >> i think americans respect you for that. you saved three babies. you brought them to america and get a chance at a great life whereas in guatemala with all due respect, impoverished. russia is chaotic. >> yep. >> i think more and more americans celebrate this situation which is why the commercial is a positive for -- >> it's great. >> yeah. >> why can't we all just be happy there's a family on a commercial? >> right. >> i don't know how you get that from commercial to that comment except they're desperate because liberalism is having a bad several years and upset.
8:17 pm
it is about them hating what's going on to their movement versus what they really probably even think of us. >> it is just a vehicle to vept? >> yeah. >> in sven. probably the case, right. okay. all right. thank you very much. we appreciate it. directly ahead, big pro-marijuana ads outside the super bowl stadium in new jersey. we'll talk with a doctor to see what he thinks about the claim that pot is safe. later, joe thnamath will te us whether the glory was worth the price he's paying for having been a national football league player. those reports after these messages. [ male announcer ] want healthy joints?°
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legalize the drug and bullish about people using it has put up five billboards saying pot is safer than alcohol and football. putting them up outside the stadium where the super bowl game will be played. joaning us now from orlando, florida, family physician and preventive medicine doctor. they're putting a happy face on the drug, doctor. what do you think about that? >> i'm tweeting patients for 30 years and i see the side of marijuana all the time over the past few years. especially the mental effects and, again, we are seeing how it affects the mental function, the learning ability. there's a new syndrome out of a-motivational syndrome and takes away the ambition, the motivation and desire and an interesting study out of new zealand. good study. over 1,000 people involved. showed a drop of 8 points in iq over years of chronic pot users.
8:22 pm
>> okay. >> in fact, that iq not resolved when they stopped. so that's -- >> irreparable damage. just this week a study out of sweden that says a pregnant woman that smokes marijuana will damage, not could, will damage the fetus. now, with all the data coming in, it makes sense. if you ingest thc which is the intoxicant ingredient of marijuana, into your system, and you're going to do it on a regular basis, something fizz logically is going to happen. i mean, just with any substance. sugar, you get fat. you know? caffeine, you get wired. so that makes sense. but the pro pot people, they're saying, hey, this is better than alcohol. it's safer. that sign said. than alcohol and football. how do you respond to that? >> well, again, you're not comparing apples to apples.
8:23 pm
in fact, alcohol e sfekt four to six hours. marijuana effects can last four to six weeks, stay in your body and impair thinking, memory, learning as well as judgment. so again, the effects of the pot lasts much longer and realize when a person is smoking pot, they inhale and keep that -- their inhaling of the pot for about 30 seconds or longer. to get the effects and affects the brain and psychological impairment. >> and the use of alcohol, i don't drink and i don't use drugs. okay? probably the worst person to talk to this about. i'm an observer. and i have seen my parents and other people have a glass of wine and have a bottle of beer and no intoxication. none. they're not buzzed. >> correct. >> and the studies say that a glass of wine a day is healthy. i don't know whether that's true or not. however, the pot people say, no,
8:24 pm
no, no. even a glass of beer or glass of wine is worse than ingesting this thc. how do you answer that? >> well, it's not true. first of all, a glass of wine, white or red wine, protects the heart, protect the blood vessels. all for cardiovascular protection. however, marijuana, if a person smokes a joint every day, it predisposes them to addiction. people say pot doesn't cause addiction, we find it does especially daily smokers and we find 25% to 50% daily smokers are addicted. >> it's not like heroin where you're physical addiction, is it? >> well, it can be.ological and of withdrawal or dependency.
8:25 pm
>> if you use marijuana on a daily basis and millions of americans do, you're addicted? you are a drug addict? >> you can become a drugt addict. 25% to 50% of those that use marijuana daily are addicted to it and may not realize it. symptoms with withdrawal, such as the anxiety, sleeplessness, irritability, the craving they may not recognize as withdrawal symptoms. >> all right. doctor, it goes once kids smoke it's devastating. >> bill, what i'm finding, what's interesting to note if i can just make this comment is america's academic performance decreased from number one in the world in 1993 to number 17 presently. and i believe this is causing the dumbing down of america. and so, again, we see so many, not just the addiction and mental properties, but the psychological affects, anxiety,
8:26 pm
depression. >> i got it. okay, doctor. we appreciate you coming on tonight. and there is plenty more ahead. miss meghan on whether cops should look at your cell phone. and then the "mad as hell" segment. we hope you stay tuned for those reports. [ male announcer ] what if a small company became big business overnight? ♪ like, really big... then expanded? ♪ or their new product tanked? ♪ or not? what if they embrace new technology instead? ♪ imagine a company's future with the future of trading. company profile. a research tool on thinkorswim. from td ameritrade.
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"mad as hell" segment tonight. here to help us is heather. all right, heather. you know the drill by now. letter one from helen payne in kanss texas. while attending a funeral, a woman answered the phone and chatted throughout the service. i strongly resent the intrusion into my life. it happens all the time. >> can you think of a more inappropriate place to use a cell phone? >> no. >> i saw it during a wedding ceremony and i thought that was bad. this is really unbelievable. >> a funeral. >> yeah. >> what's being done to curtail the public cell phone stuff? >> not a whole lot. in new york city, there's a little thing done and if someone's caught with a cell phone in the library, broadway show, they're fined $50. how do you enforce that? >> write them a ticket if the cop does it. you can't use the cell phone in new york state driving.
8:31 pm
>> yeah, correct, right, right. >> driving. the airline won't let you chat on the cell phenomenon. >> at least not yet. >> they can't. that's insane. that's a freedom of speech thing, a freedom thing and obtrusi obtrusive. >> shame the lady. turn that thing out or get the hell out. >> anybody to dwruz a cell phone at a funeral, beyond shame. second letter of russ in georgia. this income inequality angle makes me mad as well. what about effort inequality? the responsibility gap. i work very hard. shouldn't i be better off don't? the effort inquality. right? >> you know what bothers me about this, income inequality. the term implies there's something unfair about the fact that you make more money than i do. you're more talented than i am. >> hypothetically or talking real igsically? >> really, truly. it implies it's unfair to make more money than another person. a surgeon than a library.
8:32 pm
sorry aunt eileen. >> it implies the democrats fix the fix. because o'reilly somehow some way gets more than he deserves, take it away and give it to you who deserves closer than -- >> doesn't deserve. you like facts and statistics. talk about the census figures. for 2010 census, numbers released in 2011, 1 in 3 americans gets some sort of household government assistance in this country. >> right. >> 15% -- >> is that including social security and medicare? >> disability. >> those are earned. >> subsidized housing. 15% of the population on food stamps, up 50% from when president obama took office. >> some of them needed -- i don't think we can demonize those people but i like the phrase, effort inequality. all right. let're number three, kay, texas. i'm mad as hell that "12 years a slave" received an oscar
8:33 pm
nomination but "lone survivor" is not. hollywood wants to promote u.s. slavery guilt rather than american heroism. i think there's something to that. >> i do, too. a guy that writes for "time" called it communist -- excuse me, convenient pop began da. >> this is richard who's been in the magazine a long time. >> yeah. but that really is the mood among the hollywood liberals. i talked to a hollywood movie producer today and he said the people that vote in the academy most rad ral leftists in hollywood. if a movie doesn't paint war as bad, that movie never gets nominated. it's that simple. >> i haven't seen either. i think the slave film is a good film from what i've heard. i haven't seen it. and i don't think it should not have been nominated but "lone survivor" was shut out because of the theme. an american military people,
8:34 pm
good and all of that. now, my audio on killing jesus? >> yeah. >> by far number one audio in the country last year and all of the audios number one. never been nominated for a grammy for doing the audio. ever. >> i would have to think that the grammys -- >> you know who's nominated? >> like the academy. >> al franken won. there you go. okay? so there you go. >> enough said. >> final letter comes from eileen, new york. i'm angry over comedians trashing governor christie. we are trying to stop bullying among young people, yet they constantly attack him with fat jokes. all right. so it's another pretty good point and there's a caveat to this one. >> if you're a public figure. like it or not, if you're chris christie, bill o'reilly, you subject yourself to -- >> people call me fat? are they? outrageous! >> not that. maybe other things. >> here's a wrinkle.
8:35 pm
it is not that cut and dry, heather. >> tell me. >> satire. satire is allowed and comedians have to traffic in it. so yes. bullying, fat jokes, totally unacceptable done by nonprofessionals to injure. >> you don't hear them making jokes about people if they're gay, if they're black. if they're anything else. >> have you heard miller? come on now. there are some who do it. but yes. politically correct thing. >> double standard here. >> you wouldn't hear jokes about oprah. >> right? >> who at one time was overweight but you will christie from the late night guys but you have to give him a little slack because of the satire factor. we need that in this country, absolutely do. >> we need that. >> heather, everybody, there she is. the you're mad as hell, please write us. when we come right back, super bowl legend joe namath will be here. were his injuries worth the
8:36 pm
glory? miss megyn on a controversial topic. should police be able to look at your cell phone? well another great thing about all this walking i've been doing is that it's given me time to reflect on some of life's biggest questions. like, if you could save hundreds on car insurance by making one simple call, why wouldn't you make that call? see, the only thing i can think of is that you can't get any... bars. ah, that's better. it's a beautiful view. i wonder if i can see mt. rushmore from here. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse. nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box.
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i'm bill o'reilly. perhaps the biggest super bowl
8:40 pm
hero ever is joe namath n. 1969, the jets upset the colts in a stunning way. mr. namath guaranteed the jets would win even though they were a big underdog. the quarterback played 13 years in the national football league and paid a heavy physical price. he has had at least ten surgeries including the installation of two artificial knees and has arthritis. it is a miracle you're in the studio today. here you are. you're looking pretty good for 70. >> thank you. i feel good. >> sure. >> it's been great. been very lucky guy. >> all right. would you do it all over again? all right. you were a big star in college at alabama, big star with the new york jets. you paid a horrendous physical price. was it worth it? >> you know, yes. i didn't pay a horrendous physical price. years ago i figured out my knee injuries, they're far less severe than we see a lot of people deal with. i've always felt lucky and blessed. the joints, okay, you know?
8:41 pm
they're not going to put us six feet under. the's other things more serious. yeah, i would do it again in a flash. >> the fame and money were worth the physical suffering for you? >> physical suffering i go through, that i have continued to go through since 1965, '64, actually, i've always looked at as a test sort to speak. you know? once i know that it's not going to kill me, i look at the good side. >> how many concussions did you have? >> five i know of. >> five. >> five that i thought were serious. >> do you have any residual up here right now? >> i feel great. i have had some tests, bill. i haven't talked about it publicly. i don't feel like i should at this time but yes i have had some help and i have had tests that have shown some things. >> brain damage? >> yeah. hall of famer receiver before the super bowl said the mvp,
8:42 pm
most valuable physician, the doctor on the game and the name of the game is kill the quarterback. every football team tries to knock the guys out of the game that's handling the ball. >> let's go back to 1969. the night before the super bowl game, there was a lot of myths surrounding you. you're a single guy. big shot in new york city. you know? what did you do the night before the super bowl game? >> i'm not going to tell you everything. >> come on. >> no. >> nobody will know. just me and you. >> the night before the game we did have a party on golden beach. he was the former president. >> he owned the jets. >> he had several of us over to his house and had a get together. >> you went to a party before the super bowl game at an executive's home. was it a wild party? watching "leave it to beaver"? >> it was his house and watching "star trek." i never felt like i put our team's -- the game in jeopardy by my behavior the day before
8:43 pm
the game or the night before the game or the day of the game. >> now, you want to talk about the night after the victory? >> it's the same person i was the night before the game. >> we -- >> no. of course not, coach. >> you want to name the person? >> no. not necessarily. >> last question. super bowl is now worldwide craziness. it was crazy in '69 but nothing like it is today. nothing like it is. >> i remember waving at media day. george and i sitding on the sideline looking at the members, about 50 or 75 people or something and george is talking to me about the enormity of this whole situation. and i had to ask him what enormity -- you know? but it was big to us because it was the championship game, man. you know? it was as big as it could ever be and our dreams even. today the way it is, it's grown. it's a great sport and people love it.
8:44 pm
you know? >> just an amazing phenomenon. you look good. i'm glad that, you know, all the punishment you took, you pros r prospered over the years. thank you for being here. >> thank you verying if me. >> joe has products on namath should the cops be able to look at your cell phone without a warrant? kelly is next. [ coughs, sneezes ]
8:45 pm
i have a big meeting when we land, but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a decongestant. [ inhales deeply ] oh. what a relief it is.
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8:47 pm
back in the book segment tonight, kelly file. the supreme court agreed to decide a contentious issue. whether american police officers search an arrested criminal suspect's cell phone without a warrant. if you're apprehended, basically your cell phone is theirs. here to analyze, megyn kelly.
8:48 pm
so, i'm glad the supreme court did this. i sympathize with the police because a lot of times there are crimes that you can prove because of cell phone data. >> yep. >> but it is, you know, if the cops grab you, arrest you an take your private data, may be unconstitutional. >> i think it is. we have two different rulings in different districts. one said it's unconstitutional. the supreme court will decide it. right now, if a cop stops you, he can make sure you don't have weapons on you. he can make sure if you have drugs on you and he feels them, he can see the drugs, but he can't go rifling through your personal information beyond that just to find out -- >> i have a solution aalleged crime. >> as i always do. >> tell us all, bill. >> what the police should do arresting a suspect is confiscate the cell phone. all right? take it away. >> yeah. >> but not look at it.
8:49 pm
put it into evidence. and then get a warrant based upon -- >> that's far less controversial. far less controversial. what they're doing is looking at them and then found the home address and went there, searched it, found weapons and another instance they found evidence of gang fifth and charged him with offenses of which he was convicted we a warrant, they could have done the same thing. >> the cops don't know whether they'll get the warrant and hold the guy on the crime for which he's been stopped and so they take some liberties in the name of protecting society. this is very dicey. >> i actually agree with you. i don't think that's constitutional. they have to get a warrant. >> all right. >> amanda knox, so tired of this woman. i am so tired of this woman. >> you will see more her. >> i won't watch. tell us what happened today in italy again. she was what? >> she was found guilty again of murder. she was found guilty in the first trial and then thrown out
8:50 pm
and then found not guilty and a third trial. so weird in italy. look at the picture. here's the jury saying actually, she's guilty. so a third time was not a charm for her and was not a charm for her, she was found guilty of murdering her roommate in italy. >> and amanda knox, they're not going to extradite her back. >> well, i don't think so, it is not totally clear. al al alan dershowitz says they could, it may not be double jeopardy. that would be the reason they don't extradite her. the other thing is, if we don't want them giving us hassle about extraditing -- >> the boyfriend, who is italian, her boyfriend, who is also charged with the murder of
8:51 pm
this roommate, who is a female, he is toast. >> he is toast. he is over there right now, he was attending the court proceedings. she was not, she was in seattle. so he will either go under house arrest, but unbelievably, bill, it is still not over. they could appeal to the italy supreme court who could order a brand-new trial. here is the bottom line, thank your lucky stars where you live in the united states where there is double jeopardy, this proceeding is a joke. we have a minute left, jodi arias, another accused woman who killed her husband, right? >> not husband, boyfriend. >> she -- the death penalty phase, is that what is going on with her? whether she should get the death penalty or not? >> whether she should get the death penalty or not.
8:52 pm
and the malice aforethought, where she set this up, and they got together in the shower where the first stab wound was to the heart and made him suffer, and the tall tale, it doesn't look good for her. >> she spent $2 million in legal fees but she has the defense fund to pay it off. >> but this is how it works in a trial, they should have every defense -- it is about the criminal justice system. >> you think she will get death? >> i think the crime was so heinous she is a candidate for it. and the guilt is undeniable. >> and the obama administration is calling for the death penalty for dzhokhar tsarnaev. >> if you're going to give it to anybody, give it to the person who took that little boy's life.
8:53 pm
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factor tip of the day, a very big con that could cost you a lot of money in a moment. but first, vancouver, washington, bill, will you point out the misinformation of women in the work place when you interview the president live on sunday? i don't know yet, don, i might. but there are so many topics i have to make some tough calls, by the way, i will read some of your suggested questions for the president in tomorrow's segment. and i will choose one to ask mr. obama. tony, anchorage, alaska, raising the minimum wage is a form of socialism, a wage you must pay regardless of ability. we assume employers will not
8:56 pm
hire incompetence. and bill, i agree the minimum wage should be raised, what about tips in a restaurant? they should be able to make adjustments not make the same standards. i agree. and here, the minimum wage is above $16 an hour, we have a great economy. and loveland, colorado, as one who follows sports your interview with anderson was one of the best, he said he buried hollywood alongside his drug past. and bill, you and miller slay me. you guys are funnier than laurel and hardy. while they're rolling over, i appreciate the praise. and alabama, bill, i switch channels when miller comes on, he is so silly, you both act like high school boys. you know that is an upgrade to
8:57 pm
what we sometimes get. fifth grade up to high school. and i guess that means you wouldn't come to the boulder shows, a shame, they're a blast. march 14th, we'll be in pittsburgh. and buffalo, the next day, saturday april 26th. honolulu, the 10th the details on o' and shame on you, bill, attacking jesus like you did. are you a prophet? stay out of religion. well, i took your advice, there is no religion in the book "killing jesus," you know you might want to read it before embracing hysteria, madam. and got it by becoming a premium member, bill, smart move, if you guys sign up or re-up for a premium member, you not only get a free book, but also get lis
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wiehl's brand-new snap shot. and humboldt, texas, my mom just turned 102. wow, happy birthday, ruby, keep it going. finally, a lawsuit has been filed in new jersey alleging that the new york giants' football team sold memorabilia that was not original. now, i don't know anything about this lawsuit so i will not comment further. could be legitimate, bogus, i don't know, what i do know is if you buy sports and/or rock and roll memorabilia you're taking a big chance. friend of mine who works at fox news spent thousands of dollars buying the signatures of the beatles. he came into my office and proudly showed them to me. the moment i saw the piece i knew it was a fraud. because i have the real beatles' signatures, and this fake was not even close. my friend did get his money back. i told him to file criminal charges to the guys who sold him
8:59 pm
the bogus stuff, but he is too nice. believe me, i would have filed charges. factor tip of the day, beware when buying items in the sports world, get it in writing. factor tip of the day. that is it for us tonight. please check out the factor website on fox news which is different from billo' also, spout out from anywhere in the world, o'reilly@fox ne word of the day, we we hope your day is not nugatory. and we'll be talking about my upcoming interview with the president. about 4:33 in that realm. all right, and after we do that live interview, which is like walking the high wire, anything
9:00 pm
can happen. we'll do the taped interview, he has been kind enough to grant us the time. so we'll have more on that. i'm bill o'reilly, please remember, the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. i'm megyn kelly, live in new york city. and tonight, backlash over an offensive tweet from msnbc. the network backing down after suggesting conservatives are all racist. but is the damage done? on the political fallout and social media explosion over thi this. we'll investigate the real story behind the new documentary about anita hill and clarence thomas, why now? and then. >> to deny that you're a man who wants to redistribute wealth?


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